Reeling Threads is a bootstrapping Online Store based in Navi Mumbai founded by Ms. Shuvum Shree along with her team to market the diverse handwoven, handprinted & handcrafted tradition of India.

Apart from selling directly  to retail customers, Reeling threads also supply stores and boutiques in India . We accept moderate to bulk quantity orders for all of our products at attractive wholesale prices.


  • To Promote the Handloom & Handicraft tradition, which is the second largest employment of rural India after agriculture.
  • To Support the weavers/Artisans ¸Protect our heritage crafts and handmade legacy of India.
  • Brand building in global and domestic market.


  • To develop a strong, vibrant Handloom & Handcrafted clothing sector to provide sustainable  employment to Weavers/Artisans.


  • To ensure that we delight our customers with our products and service, and always make them feel that they are getting great value for their money.


Shuvum Shree

Founder and Owner of Reeling Threads. She is a software Professional worked as a Corporate Trainer in IT firms in India. She has very good knowledge of Handloom and Handcrafted clothing's and She always wanted to build a fashion brand of Indian Handlooms, Handcrafted clothing's and other products to maintain the handmade legacy and livelihood of Rural India. Shuvum heads the entire sales, Procurement, Designing and Customer support.

Deep Majumdar

Deep heads the Procurements at West Bengal With his years experience in working with Weavers and Artisans he provides the best quality products for Reeling Threads.

Saquib Ansari

Saquib  heads the Procurements at Bhagalpur, Bihar. With his years experience in working with Weavers and Artisans he manages to get  the best quality  products for Reeling Threads.

Asfaque Akhtar

Asfaque Akhtar heads the Procurements at Varanasi,Utter Pradesh. With his years experience in weaving the Banarasi Products  he provides  the best design and quality  products for Reeling Threads.